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AnimalsBirds, Fish, Horses / Animals for transport, Insects, Other (bulls, cows, dogs, etc.)


FoodBeverage, General

Historical eventsConflicts between Alfonso X and his heir Don Sancho, Conflicts between Alfonso X and his noblemen, Conflicts between King Denis and his heir Don Alfonso, Conflicts between peninsular kingdoms, Conflicts betwen Alfonso X and his brother Don Henrique, Crusades, Military campaigns of Andalucia, Mudejar rebellion, Other, Portuguese Civil War, The Empire issue

InstitutionsCourt (cas d'el rei), Courts, Courts / Justice, Legislation, Military Orders, Military Orders / Monasteries, Papacy

Literary issuesBailia, Barcarolas/marinhas, Cantiga de seguir, Cantigas de santuário, Cantigas de vilão

Matter of Britain

MusicChant, General, Instrumental performance, Instruments

Reasons of satireAdulation / Interest, Adultery, Ambition / Greed, Avarice, Bad character, Betrayal, Corruption, Cowardice, Domestic violence, Drinking, Duplicity / Lies, Evil-speaking, Fashion / clothes, Female daily life, Female physical appearance, Forced marriages, Game, Heresy / Blasphemy, Homossexuality, Housing, Hunting, Impotence, Incest, Inheritance / shares, Insincerity, Kidnappings, Male physical appearance, Marriage / Concubinage, Military exercises / games, Old age, Omens / astrology / superstition, Parody of courtly love, Payments, Physical disabilities, Pilgrimages, Pilgrimages, Political attitudes, Poor dinners, Pregnancy, Professional incompetence, Reaction to previous songs, Recent nobility, Refusal of accommodation, Religious life, Sex and money, Sexual behaviour, Sexual behaviour of clergymen, Stupidity, Taxes, Theft, Troubadours and ministrels / payments, Troubadours and ministrels / personal life, Troubadours and ministrels / plagiarism, Troubadours' art, Various diseases / treatments, Vassalic relations, Venereal disease, Women forced to entry convents


Social/professional groupsBourgeois, Henchemen, High clergy, High nobility, Jews, King, Kinship relations, Knights, Mayors, Men of Laws, Merchants, Military nobility, Ministrels, Moors, Noble women, Nuns, Physicians, Pope, Priests, Queen, Royal family, Servants, Shepherdesses, Society, Soldadeiras, Troubadours, Various women, Villains