Afonso Fernandes Cebolhilha
Trovador medieval

Nationality: Castelhana

Biographical Note:

Has been identified with the Sevilian noble Alonso Fernández Cebollilla, one of the vassals of the Castilian magnate Alfonso Pérez de Guzmán that accompanied him during his Moroccan exile at the end of the 13th century1. His time of activity should then be between the final years of Alfonso X’s reign and the beginning of the 14th century. We do not have, however, any further information regarding this author.


1 Marroni, Giovanna (1970), "Afonso Fernández Cebolhilha e il suo minuscolo canzoniere", in Studi Mediolatini e Volgari, XVIII.

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Cantigas (alphabetical order):

Mui gram sabor havedes, mia senhor
Cantiga de Amor

Senhor fremosa, des quando vos vi
Cantiga de Amor

Doubtful Authorship:

Quando m'eu mui triste de mia senhor
Cantiga de Amor

Quer'eu agora já meu coraçom
Cantiga de Amor

Se eu podess'ir u mia senhor é
Cantiga de Amor

Senhor fremosa, creede per mi
Cantiga de Amor

Senhor fremosa, pois m'aqui
Cantiga de Amor