Trovador anónimo

Biographical Note:

We place under this designation those texts for which we don’t have a minimum reference. Such is the case for the Lais which opens the National Library Songbook (Cancioneiro da Biblioteca Nacional) which may (or may not) be from a single author. As is also the case for several other anonymous compositions or those of uncertain authorship (in this last case, complementary informations are given in the authorship notes, available on the song’s webpages, in a link under the author’s names.Those songs which, although from unknown authors, are transcribed in groups in the manuscripts - allowing us the deduction that they are from the same author - are attributed to numbered anonymous (Anonymous 1, 2 etc.)

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Cantigas (alphabetical order):

Amor, des que m'a vós cheguei

Dom Amor, eu cant'e choro

Ledas sejamos hojemais!

Mui gram temp'há, par Deus, que eu nom vi

O Marot haja mal grado

- Senhor, eu quer'ora de vós saber
Tenção de amor

Doubtful Authorship:

Nostro Senhor, que mi a mim faz amar
Cantiga de Amor

Pois minha senhor me manda
Cantiga de Amor

Por muitas cousas eu que [...]
Género incerto

- Vós que soedes em corte morar