Rodrigo Anes Redondo
Trovador medieval

Nationality: Portuguesa

Biographical Note:

Portuguese troubadour, documented from the 30’s of the 13th century up to 1314, the probable year of his death, certainly at an old age. Son of João Peres Redondo, rico-homem of the court of King Sancho II and his faithful supporter during the civil war that led to his deposition. Rodrigo Anes should have accompanied his father and his brother Gonçalo Anes to exile in Castile (where both participated in the conquest of Seville, being benefited in its repartimento). 1The fact that Rodrigo Anes disappears from the Portuguese documentation until 1287 seems to indicate that he would have remained in the neighboring kingdom, where he would have married Mor Fernandes Curutela, daughter of Fernão Martins Curutelo, one of the knights that went with Sancho II to his exile in Toledo. In the mid-80’s, the troubadour is, in fact, documented in the court of Sancho IV of Castile, being one of the knights that accompany the monarch on his trip to Bayona, in 1286.
Before 1287, however, he is already back in Portugal, since, in September of that year, he shares with the monastery of Lorvão some assets of his late sister Urraca. From that point on he seems to have established himself in Santarém, where he and his wife had some assets, being documented again in 1290, when he bears witness to a donation by Martim Gil de Riba de Vizela to the monastery of S. Vicente de Fora. Furthermore, he seems to have been close to Dom João Afonso, bastard son of King Denis, to whose house he would have belonged. His presence in the court becomes more prominent at the end of his life, between 1307 and 1314, where he is documented bearing witness, but also redacting royal decrees or making part of arbitrary commissions.
Disappearing from the royal records in 1314, it is possible he died that year. He is buried, along with his wife, at S, Francisco convent in Santarém.
We should add that one of the sons of Rodrigo Anes, Fernão Rodrigues Redondo, was also a troubadour.


1 Pizarro, José Augusto (1999), Linhagens medievais portuguesas: genealogias e estratégias 1279-1325, vol. II, Porto, Centro de Estudos de Genealogia, Heráldica e História da Família da Universidade Moderna, pp. 362-363.
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