Martim Anes Marinho
Trovador medieval

Nationality: Galega?

Biographical Note:

Troubadour, probably galician, member of the important Marinho family. This being his general profile, some doubts subsist, however, regarding his concrete identification and chronology. Two hypotheses have been advanced. The first one, initially put forward by López Ferreiro and Cotarelo Valledor1, and also defended by Tavani2, is that he would be one of the sons of João Froiaz de Valadares, as mentioned in the Count Dom Pedro’s Book of Lineages, being, therefore, brother of the troubadours Osoiro Anes and Pedro Aires Marinho . In this hypothesis, given the alleged chronology of the former, the activity of Martim Anes would date to the second third of the 13th century. However, the recent review of Osório Anes' biography, which, among other data, definitely rejects the hypothesis that he is Pero and Martim Anes's brother, seems to invalidate this argument.
But already Resende de Oliveira3, however, taking into account the obvious relation between the brother Pero Anes and the troubadour João Airas de Santiago(attested by the equally single composition of the first present in the songbooks) had doubts regarding this very early chronology to the brothers Marinho, therefore advancing a second hypothesis, in which Martim Anes, and also Peres Anes, would be, in reality, the sons of João Rodrigues de Valadares (from two distinct marriages, thus being half-brothers). Therefore, not only would the two brothers be portuguese but also have a later chronology.
To arrive to this second identification, Resende de Oliveira departs from the attributive item preceding the mentioned Pero Anes composition, and where this researcher reads: “Pero Anes Marinho, filho de João Rodrigues de Valadares”. Like Tavani, however, we think that, being the part on the item relative to the patronymic rather obscure, the reading “filho de João Froiaz de Valadares” seems, nevertheless, more probable.
To resolve this intricate issue, it is necessary to take into account that, and in what concerns the Marinho lineage, the Nobiliário of Count Dom Pedro seems to jump between generations, since, on detailing the path of João Froiaz’s children, it tells us that a daughter of Martim Anes died in the Portuguese court of Afonso IV (LL73C3-4), which seems to be, by all means, incompatible with the chronology of her grand-parent. Therefore, we can advance two hypotheses: the first one, that there is some kind of error in the attributive item on Pero Anes Marinho’s song. A second hypothesis, accepting that Froiaz is the correct reading, is to consider that maybe Martim and Pero Anes Marinho could be the children of a second marriage of João Froiaz, which could perhaps explain the chronology of Martim Anes' daughter.


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