Afonso Lopes de Baião
Trovador medieval

Nationality: Portuguesa

Biographical Note:

A Portuguese lord, belonging to one of the oldest and most important Portuguese lineages (one of the five mentioned in the Livro Velho de Linhagens {Old Book of Lineages}). The son of Lopo Afonso de Baião and Aldara Viegas, he was born around 1210. His political trajectory passes mostly by the Portuguese court of Afonso III, although before his coronation (1248) he most certainly travelled to the neighboring kingdom of Castile, having been documented in the years 1226-1234 at Úbeda-Baeza. There’s also reports of him having participated in the taking of Jaén (1246) and, with more certainty, being a participant of the conquest of Seville (1248), since his name comes up in the respective Repartimiento as being the beneficiary of several estates. Between those two last dates, that is, during the Portuguese civil war opposing king Sancho II to his brother, the future Afonso III, he surely sided with this last one, in whose court he later performed important duties.In fact, as soon as 1250 we find him confirming documents as lieutenant of Bragança, a position that he amassed, from 1254, with the lieutenancy of the lands of Sousa, later exchanged, in 1263, with those of Riba Minho. Being part of the King’s counsel, he maintained an almost constant presence in Afonso III’s court, and also in the early moments of his son’s, King Denis1. He passed away probably in 12842.He was married to Mor Gonçalves de Sousa, a nephew of the troubadour Dom Garcia Mendes de Eixoand granddaughter of the powerful count Dom Mendo de Sousa, the Sousão. According to the books of lineages, they had no descendancy.


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Cantigas (alphabetical order):

Deu ora el-rei seus dinheiros
Cantiga de Escárnio e maldizer

Disserom-mi ũas novas de que m'é mui gram bem
Cantiga de Amigo

Em Arouca ũa casa faria
Cantiga de Escárnio e maldizer

Fui eu, fremosa, fazer oraçom
Cantiga de Amigo

Ir quer'hoj'eu, fremosa, de coraçom
Cantiga de Amigo

Madre, des que se foi daqui
Cantiga de Amigo

O meu Senhor [Deus] me guisou
Cantiga de Amor

Oí d'Alvelo que era casado
Cantiga de Escárnio e maldizer

Sedia-xi Dom Belpelho em ũa sa maison
Gesta de maldizer

Senhor, que grav'hoj'a mi é
Cantiga de Amor