Gil Sanches
Trovador medieval

Nationality: Portuguesa

Biographical Note:

Portuguese troubadour in the initial stages of the galician-portuguese poetry, Dom Gil Sanches was the son of King Sancho I and his famous concubine Dona Maria Pais Ribeiro, the Ribeirinha. Being certainly born around 1202/1203, as soon as 1207 he’s benefited, along with his brothers, with the donation of Vila do Conde (where he was raised) and three years later with some assets in Covilhã, a region to which he seems to have had a close relationship later in adulthood. Unlike his brother Dom Rodrigo Sanches, that had a relevant public career, the biography of Gil Sanches is quite discreet, maybe because he was clergy (“the most honorable clergy Spain has had” according to the Lineage Books). A stature that didn’t prevent him, however, of having a liaison with Dona Maria Garcia de Sousa, a daughter of the troubadour Dom Garcia Mendes d’Eixo and therefore granddaughter of Count Dom Mendo de Sousa, the Sousão. He passed away at a relatively young age, in 12361.


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