Galisteu Fernandes
Jogral medieval

Nationality: Galega?

Biographical Note:

Nothing is known about this author, although judging from his placement in the songbooks, he was probably a minstrel, as were Lopo and Lourenço, the authors around him. Carolina Michaëlis suggested the hypothesis that he was a leonese, born in the city of Galisteo (the correct form of his name would be, in that case, Fernandes de Galisteu)1. Actually, the Galisteu toponym appears in a song by Martim Soares, certainly mentioning not a leonese city, but a village to the east of Caceres, in the Spanish Extremadura. In truth, this hypothesis of there being an error in the reference to the minstrel’s name does not seem very plausible. Resende de Oliveira2, again taking into account his placement in the manuscripts, supposes that he would be Galician and performing his activity around the mid-13th century. Recently, Souto Cabo3 takes its origin from the village of Galisteu, in the Galician parish of Manhufe (Conc. Gondomar), 13 km from Vigo.


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Cantigas (alphabetical order):

Dizem do meu amigo ca mi fez pesar
Cantiga de Amigo

Dizem-mi ora que nulha rem nom sei
Cantiga de Amor

Meu amigo sei ca se foi daqui
Cantiga de Amigo

[...] meu trobar
Cantiga de Amor

O voss'amigo foi-s'hoje daqui
Cantiga de Amigo

- Por Deus, amiga, que pode seer
Cantiga de Amigo