Anónimo 3
Trovador medieval

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Nationality: Incerta

Biographical Note:

Unknown author. In the Ajuda Songbook (Cancioneiro da Ajuda), the only manuscript that transmitted it to us, this song (A 185) is preceded by a miniature and with the remaining space left blank. The folio that follows is again topped with a miniature. That means that the song is from a single and well-determined author whose name, unfortunately, we do not know, since this songbook does not identify the author’s names. Resende de Oliveira1, guided by the sequence of authors appearing in the cantigas de amigo’s section of the Italian apographs, suggests the name of the troubadour Estêvão Travanca as its author. It should be stated, however, that in the mentioned sequence os cantigas de amigo the author that appears to effectively occupy the place of this Ajuda’s anonymous is the troubadour Estêvão Raimondo, and also that the suggestion from this researcher is based mostly on chronological reasons. Given, however, that some doubts persist regarding the biography and the chronology of Raimondo, a more exact identification of this anonymous author is quite difficult.


1 Oliveira, António Resende de (1994), Depois do espectáculo trovadoresco. A estrutura dos cancioneiros peninsulares e as recolhas dos séculos XIII e XIV, Lisboa, Edições Colibri.

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