Fernão Froiaz
Trovador medieval

Nationality: Incerta

Biographical Note:

There is no reliable data allowing us to draw a minimum biography of this troubadour, that may have attended Alfonso X’s court, judging by a song by this monarch that seems to use in a parodic way a refrain from one of his cantigas de amigo (Jurávades-mi vós, amigo). With the family name under the form “Forjaz”, the Lineage books (LD19A5) mention a Fernão Rodrigues Forjaz, descendant of Dom Nuno de Lara (but taking the family name from his maternal grandfather, Diogo Forjaz) that would have lived in the second half of the 13th century, which seems to match the chronological arc of the troubadour. We don’t know, however, his exact nationality. It is possible that he was related to Durão Forjaz, Sancho II’s chancellor, or maybe to the troubadour Estêvão Peres Froião (in both cases being Portuguese and having probably passed to Castile)1. These are merely conjectural hypothesis that allow us no certainties regarding his nationality, since the family name was equally used by Galician families.


1 Barbieri, Mario (1993), "Fernan Froiaz", in Dicionário da Literatura Medieval Galega e Portuguesa, Lanciani, Giulia e Tavani, Giuseppe (org.), Lisboa, Editorial Caminho.

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