Rui Martins (Cantom?)
Trovador medieval

Nationality: Leonesa

Biographical Note:

We know almost nothing of this author. The caption in thetenção (poetical exchange) in which he intervenes (although his answers have been lost) mentions a change of name (from Rui Toso? Cantom to Rui Martins) but, not knowing the context, and furthermore by the doubts in the reading of the caption at this point, this data doesn’t help in his identification. It is possible, however, that he was a relative of one Pero Cantone to whom Fernão Soares de Quinhones addresses a satirical song, and in that case, a Leonese, as it seems to be deduced from the song.
Answering João Airas de Santiago in the tenção, the only certainty we have is that Rui Martins is a contemporary of the Galician troubadour, that is, of having developed his activity in the second half or at the end of the 13th century.

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- Rui Martĩiz, pois que ést[e] assi