Nationality: Provençal?

Biographical Note:

Minstrel at the service of the Provençal troubadour of Italian origins, Sordello. Nothing being registered about his biography, the point that struck the interest of researchers is to know at which moment and circumstances the tenção (exchange) in which he responds to João Soares Coelho would have been composed. Given that the stay of Sordello in the Peninsula is prior to 1236 (or even 1233) and also given the biography of João Soares, who most probably accompanied the Prince of Serpa in his European tour of the late 1230’s and early 1240’s, Resende de Oliveira believes1 that it would have been somewhere in Europe, maybe in the Provençal court of Ramón Berenguer IV, that they would have met (around the years 1239-1243). Vicenç Beltran puts forward2, however, another hypothesis, that this encounter may have taken place before João Soares left Portugal, more precisely in the spring of 1231, the moment in which Fernando III of Castile and Sancho II of Portugal met in Sabugal for the signing of a treaty dealing with border disputes, and also the complicated process of the Castillian succession. Being present in the Castillian court around those years, it is possible that Sordello and his minstrel accompanied the monarch. However, this being true, João Soares would have to be very young, a reason by which this hypothesis, not being impossible, seems less plausible that a posterior encounter (that may equally have happened in the immediately following years, in the Castillian court).


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2 Beltran, Vicenç (2005), La corte de Babel. Lenguas, poética y política en la España del siglo XIII, Madrid, Bredos, pp. 57-58.
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