Pero Martins
Trovador medieval

Nationality: Portuguesa

Biographical Note:

Portuguese troubadour whose family name we ignore, and that would have been member of a military order, judging by his only known intervention, the responses to Vasco Martins in tenção (an exchange) where both violently attack to the Hospitaller Order, that they both seem to know well. In that sense, Resende de Oliveira suggests1 that maybe he can be identified with one Pero Martins, the Friar, that sells an estate in S. Martinho de Dume in 1228. The poetical exchange would be, however, quite posterior and would date, as we mention in its notes, to the final years of the Portuguese civil war (1248-1252), being possible that its context would be the Castillian court (of Alfonso X, prince or King).
Therefore, and although we know almost nothing of his life, the chronology of Pero Martins would be situated around the mid-13th century.


1 Oliveira, António Resende de (1994), Depois do espectáculo trovadoresco. A estrutura dos cancioneiros peninsulares e as recolhas dos séculos XIII e XIV, Lisboa, Edições Colibri.

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