D. Juano ou D. Juião
Trovador medieval

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Nationality: Galega?

Biographical Note:

Although his name is mentioned in the Colocci index as the author of a composition, neither that or any other song of this troubadour has reached us, since his works would be in the initial sheets of the National Library Songbook, now lost. Given this placement in the manuscript, it is an author that certainly belonged to the first generation of troubadours (late 12th and early 13th centuries). Since we only know his first name and not his family name, it’s hard to identify him safely. Very recently, however, José António Souto Cabo1 defending the thesis that the name written by Colicci in his index, “D.Juano”, would in fact be a distorted version of D. Julião, identified him as the Galician clergy Dom Julião Peres Cotalaia, one of the sons of Dom Cotalaia, “one of the most significant figures of the urban environment of Compostela”, chief of a bourgeois lineage well-documented in the city´s cathedral, and that appears to have maintained close ties with the Velaz lineage (to which belonged the troubadour João Velaz, whose work is equally lost). As for Dom Julião, Souto Cabo states that he is documented between the years 1151 and 1202, this last date probability corresponding to his death.


1 Souto Cabo, José António (2012), Os cavaleiros que fizeram as cantigas. Aproximação às origens socioculturais da lírica galego-portuguesa, Niterói, Editora UFF, p. 189-197.
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