Diogo Gonçalves de Montemor-o-Novo
Trovador tardio

Nationality: Portuguesa

Biographical Note:

Late author, that may possibly be identified with a certain Diogo Gonçalves present in Garcia de Resende’s Cancioneiro Geral (1516), where he briefly intervenes in the well-known and long composition “Processo de Vasco Abul”. His correspondent in the late composition included in the medieval songbooks, Fernando de Ataíde (being this the correct reading of his name), also participates in the mentioned collective composition, which may reinforce the identification of both and placing their period of activity to the late 15th and early 16th centuries.According to data from Aida Fernandes Dias (qtd. by Rodiño Caramés1), Diogo Gonçalves would have been a notary in Évora and was still living in 1524. As for Fernando de Ataíde, he would have been the son of Dom Álvaro de Ataíde, one of the conspirators against king João II. In any case, and given that it’s possible to find heteronyms in this epoch, this data is, obviously, of a provisional nature.


1 Tavani, Giuseppe (1993), "Diego Gonçalvez de Montemor-o-Novo", in Lanciani, Giulia e Tavani, Giuseppe (org.), Dicionário da Literatura Medieval Galega e Portuguesa, Lisboa, Editorial Caminho.

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