Reimon Gonçalves
Trovador medieval

Nationality: Portuguesa?

Biographical Note:

Troubadour, maybe Portuguese, of unknown biography. The hypothesis of him being Portuguese is based on the placement of his song in the Italian aphographs, in a zone where Portuguese prevail. As for the rest, Resende de Oliveira believes1 that he would be a troubadour from the late 13th century, maybe identifiable with one Raimundo Gonçalves, documented in Porto in 1288. The fact that we only know his patronymic and not his family name, however, doesn’t make the identification easy.


1 Oliveira, António Resende de (1994), Depois do espectáculo trovadoresco. A estrutura dos cancioneiros peninsulares e as recolhas dos séculos XIII e XIV, Lisboa, Edições Colibri.

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Foste[s]-vos vós, meu amigo, daqui
Cantiga de Amigo