Pero Guterres
Trovador medieval

Nationality: Portuguesa?

Biographical Note:

Troubadour, possibly Portuguese, whose biography is hard to trace, since the manuscripts do not state his family name. The attributive item where his name appears also states that he was a knight. As for the rest, of his love song, where he draws a contrast between himself and those of muit’alto linhag’e gram poder (high lineage and great power), it seems to be inferred that he would be from a gentry of lower nobility lineage. Since, at the end of that same song, he addresses the King of Portugal (asking him to judge if the great and loyal love he dedicates to his lady is deserving of such disaffection by her), probably King Denis, the troubadour, his Portuguese nationality seems equally probable. As to his satirical song “against” God, it was probably composed at the Castillian court, since the theme is promptly addressed by alphonsine troubadours. But we know nothing of concrete regarding his life.

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Muitos a que Deus quis dar mui bom sem
Cantiga de Amor

Todos dizem que Deus nunca pecou
Escárnio e Maldizer